In the profound annals of southern history, there can be nobody as beloved as General Robert Edward Lee-Robert E. Lee. The legendary commander of the vaunted Army of Northern Virginia from 1862-1865; who fought heroically against overwhelming material and manpower odds, very nearly securing southern independence in the process.


Much is known about Robert E. Lee with regard to his exploits during the American Civil War. However, what many people are unaware of is that Lee had a very distinguished military career long before and leading up to the War Between the States.


That is the essence of this excellent book. Instead of focusing solely upon many epic battles, Emory M. Thomas takes a different approach. He attempts to dissect this great man so the reader gets to know how he thought, the way in which he looked at life, what he thought of the army and warfare itself, and what the underlying reason was behind Lee's decision to turn down Lincoln's offer to command Union forces at the commencement of hostilities; just to name a few.


This book traces Lee's early life, the influence of his father and his trial and tribulations, along with his marriage and brilliance as an army engineer. If you love reading about the life and times of one of the greatest men of history, than this is the perfect book for you.


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When the American Civil War erupted in the early summer of 1861, most everyone, on both sides, convinced themselves that it would be over in a matter of a few weeks; certainly no longer than one month. By the spring of 1862, that wishful, if not naive thinking, was a far too distant memory. Fighting and bloodshed had spread like wildfire from the Potomac all the way beyond the banks of the mighty Mississippi, with no end in sight.


The Union was doing fairly well in the Western Theatre of Operations. They had secured Island Number 10, occupied all of St. Louis, and Kentucky, and were posied to drive deep into Tennessee. In the East, however, it was a much different story. Under the brilliant leadership of General Robert E. Lee, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart, and James Longstreet, the Army of Northern Virginia was quickly achieving legendary, perhaps mythological status; not only amongst southerners, but many northerners as well.


This outstanding book, by Jeffry D. Wert, traces the history and makeup of the Army of Northern Virginia from the early months of 1862 and the Seven Days Battle through to the Battle of Chancellorsville, its greatest and most reknown victory.


You, the reader, will see, through first hand accounts, how the training, drilling and strict discipline, as well as outstanding generalship and daring tactics molded a group of, once raw recruits, into an extremely formidable fighting force that nearly achieved southern independence. This is a must read for all military history and Civil War buffs.


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