If you love conspiracy theories, and are skeptical of everything you hear and see, then this book is perfect for you. Everyone knows the tragic story of the ill-fated British Mail Steamship RMS Titanic. Or, perhaps, they just think that they do. According to history, on April 10 1912, the Titanic, the biggest, longest, widest, tallest, and most luxurious ship in all of creation, sets sail from South Hampton England en-route to New York. Then, at 11:40 PM, Sunday, April 14 1912, the great ship side swipes a huge iceberg. The resulting collision pops the heads off of steel rivets causing intermittent hull plating separation along her starboard side for nearly three hundred feet; roughly 1/3 of her total length. This opens up the first five compartments to the sea; and the great Titanic was only designed to remain afloat with the first four compartments flooded. Two hours and forty minutes later, the Titanic founders, breaks in two and sinks to the bottom of the North Atlantic leaving 1523 innocent people to slowly freeze to death in the icy cold water. It was one of the most horrifying tragedies in the history of mankind. This book asserts that what makes the tragedy even more horrific was that it was all a huge premeditated conspiracy. Author Robin Gardiner believes that the Titanic never sank. Instead, her first sister ship, the RMS Olympic was the one who fell on the sword for an enormous insurance scam involving the actual owner of the Whiter Star Line, American financier, J.P. Morgan. This book provides the reader with a great many photographs of the two sister ships and leaves one with a sense of possible uncertainty as to whether or not the Titanic actually was the ship that sunk.






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It was 11:40PM, Sunday, April 14 1912. The Royal Mail Steamship, R.M.S. TITANIC, the biggest, longest, widest, tallest, and most luxurious naval vessel ever constructed by the hand of man in all of recorded history steams through the freezing cold North Atlantic Ocean at a reckless speed on her Maiden Voyage to New York City.


From high up in the crows nest, some fifty feet above the forecastle deck, lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee strain their eyes as they stare into the pitch darkness. Suddenly, Fleet spots a dark object looming directly ahead of the mighty TITANIC's path. His eyes fixate upon it for a few seconds. At first, it is quite small, not much more than two tables placed atop one another. However, with each passing second, the object grows larger and larger. Realizing that it is a menacing iceberg, Fleet quickly grasps the rope on the bell and bangs on it three times; the universal signal for danger.


He then reaches for the receiver and rings the bridge of the TITANIC. Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall answers and asks, "What did you see?" Fleet quickly responds, "Iceberg, right ahead!" Boxhall says, "Thank you". In command of the bridge at this moment is First Officer William Murdoch. He immediately orders Quarter Master Robert Hitchens to turn the great ship Hard-To-Starboard. Simultaneously, he grabs the main telegraph handle and pushes it forward and then all the way back to "Full Speed Astern". In simplier terms, Murdoch orders the engineers below to reverse the engines. For the next 37 nerve racking seconds, Fleet, Lee, Murdoch, Boxhall, and Hitchens all stand and watch as the massive wall of ice, nearly 100 feet tall, draws closer and closer to the great TITANIC. They are now almost right on top of the iceberg. Fleet and Lee brace themselves for a certain head on collision. Then, miraculously the TITANIC's bow begins to swing sharply to port. A frontal crash is narrowly avoided as the iceberg slides along the starboard side of the great ship. In order to swing the TITANIC's stern clear, Murdoch then orders Hitchen's to swing the ship Hard-To-Port. Finally, the iceberg disappears into the darkness.


The incident looks to be a very close shave. Moments later, Captain Edward J. Smith appears on the Bridge, and is informed of the collision with the iceberg. He orders, "All Stop". Then, he summons the chief carpenter and senior architect and builder, Thomas Andrews to go below and sound the ship. What they quickly discover is truly horrifying. The first five compartments forward have been ruptured and there is slight damage in the six compartment as well. What does all this mean? It means that the TITANIC is going to sink and the majority of the passengers are doomed to die a horrible death.


This great book, one of the most famous ever written, describes, in vivid detail, the tragic night when the great, and "Unsinkable" TITANIC went down and detroyed the lives of 1523 innocent people. It is a must read for any TITANIC enthusiast. It is a great buy and a great read.